Zero Hunger

Student Hunger

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National Hunger

Access on food security and sustainable agriculture knowledge/skills/technology to local farmers and food producers Evidence
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Zero Hunger

“Feeding the Future Nourishing the Planet for a Sustainable Tomorrowā€¯

“Revolutionizing Agriculture: Remote Farm Plot Management Through Innovative Software”

At our university, Ms. Mirzayeva M. is leading a pioneering project with a vision for the future of agriculture. The aim of this initiative for 2021-2022 is to develop a remote control system for the cultivation of agricultural products within closed land areas. This forward-thinking project is not just about software; it’s about transforming the way we grow food.

The project’s primary objective is to revolutionize agricultural practices by introducing a cutting-edge software system that enables remote management of farm plots. It harnesses the power of technology to bring a new level of efficiency and precision to farming, ultimately contributing to the global effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2, “Zero Hunger.”

Through this innovative system, farmers can remotely monitor and control essential aspects of crop growth, such as irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, even in closed land areas. This level of automation and control enhances crop productivity and reduces the likelihood of crop failure, ensuring a more sustainable and reliable food supply.

Furthermore, the project addresses the issue of food security, which is a critical concern not only in Uzbekistan but globally. By reducing food waste, improving crop yield, and making fresh produce more accessible, it aligns with the goal of “Zero Hunger,” striving to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry.

In a world where the population is increasing, and resources are limited, the innovative approach to farm management through remote software represents a significant step towards achieving food security, sustainability, and a hunger-free future.

“Innovative Groundwater Assessment: Remote Equipment for Precise Analysis”

In a world where water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, Mr. Dzhumanov J.H. is at the forefront of a groundbreaking project aimed at developing innovative equipment for remote determination of groundwater levels, temperature, and electrical conductivity. This initiative is a significant step in ensuring the responsible management and conservation of our vital groundwater resources.

The project encompasses a multifaceted approach, combining cutting-edge software, state-of-the-art technologies, and robust hardware to achieve its goals. It not only records and collects data but also facilitates its seamless transmission to an automated measuring system. This system is intelligently designed to harness renewable energy sources, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The gathered data serves as crucial initial information for in-depth analysis. By monitoring the underground hydrosphere, the project aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of groundwater resources. The significance of this project extends to its potential to contribute to responsible water use, preventing over-exploitation and contamination of groundwater. By using technology to remotely assess and monitor the underground water environment, it takes a substantial stride toward sustainable water resource management, ensuring clean and accessible water for all, which is a key component of a sustainable and prosperous future.


“Software for monitoring the impact of environmental situations on the production of agricultural products in the Aral Sea region”

In the years 2020-2022, under the guidance of Mr. Kabulov A.V., an exceptional project is unfolding, focusing on the creation of software tailored to monitor the influence of environmental conditions on agricultural production in the Aral Sea region. This initiative is a testament to the commitment to preserving a fragile ecosystem and ensuring sustainable food production.

The project takes a holistic approach by integrating interactive analysis of water and soil in the agricultural practices of the Aral Sea region. The software under development aims to provide real-time monitoring of the environmental impact on agriculture, which is a critical aspect of ensuring both food security and environmental sustainability.

Notably, the software’s analytical capabilities have already unveiled the presence of harmful substances in water and soil. This discovery underscores the urgency of the project in addressing environmental challenges.

Ultimately, this project embodies the principles of responsible environmental stewardship, aiming to safeguard the well-being of local communities, enhance agricultural resilience, and protect the environment for generations to come.