SDG 2.3.4

SDG 2.3.4: TUIT provides healthy and affordable food choices for all on-campus

The TUIT in its restaurant offers different healthy and affordable food options for everyone on campus.


In addition to serving healthy meals in the university’s restaurant, it has been taken into account that the prices of daily dishes are appropriate and accessible to all students and university workers. So the price of the daily dish was lost at 50000 thousand sum. He also relied on the grammar principle, so that the quantities of carbohydrates and protein are studied.

As for all types of salads (tabbouleh-fattoush), the price of the dish was set at 40 000 sum

The university is keen, through the meals provided to students, to provide healthy meals of high nutritional value at low prices, taking into account what the human body needs in terms of nutritional elements by adopting a food list that includes different types of healthy foods that contain integrated nutritional elements that are distributed on the number of days of the week with the aim of achieving the desired metabolism. Therefore, students are provided with meals that contain vegetables and fruits (rich in protein and vitamins) and fresh meat that they buy from small farmers who invest the agricultural lands surrounding the university campus in order to support and motivate them to agricultural production.

Talabalar oshxonasi ijaraga beriladi - Muhammad al-Xorazmiy nomidagi  Toshkent Axborot Texnologiyalari Universiteti