SDG 2.2.1

Food waste on campus is the most important issue that the TUIT seeks to work on in order to fully implement the second goal of the sustainable development goals. In this context, the university is trying to adopt green policies in the cafeteria to reduce food waste, which reaches 543 thousand kg per academic year (80 kg per person), noting that the total number of employees, professors and students is 6791. Among these policies is that the cafeteria stops.

Providing a large tray on which the student puts his food, obligates him to choose a smaller amount of food that he carries with his hands and eats it whole instead of filling the tray with an amount of food that he cannot eat all of it. The cafeteria also tends to display food and drinks – which were served canned in plastic or tinned in specific quantities that are often in excess – (cheeses, milk, and juices) in large containers and glass bottles in a cooled corner of the cafeteria in order to encourage the student to pour the quantity that suffices him and to reduce food waste.

These policies are included in the university’s comprehensive strategy to eradicate hunger within the university (that is, among students and workers) and work to ensure food security.

Campus food waste
2.2.1 Total food waste 543 thousand kg per academic year (80 kg per person)
Number of campus population 32,609